Thursday, October 30, 2008

a little election humor & i've been tagged!

thanks to kate who posted this humorous election video. leave it to some singing & dancing kids to show us adults how we look & sounds during election time :) they did a great job with the new lyrics to this song & the dance moves are sick! haha.

& kate also tagged me so here it goes...

7 Quirky Things About Myself

1. i have to have the last word. (this my sister's 1st answer when i asked her to shed some light on my quirkiness... i told her this was not my top 7 flaws, but quirks :) but i realize i do, i'm really bad about this. most of the time i don't even realize i'm doing it, it's just the way my brain flows. i can't just accept what someone says, i like to argue, debate, etc. my apologizes to those that are royally pissed off by this... mostly my family.

2. i always tap dance. usually while sitting down at the dinner table or at my desk at work. it's just in my blood.

3. i eat M&Ms by color & numbers. for instance if i get a handfull of M&Ms & there are 4 blue ones, 4 orange ones, & 3 yellow ones, i have to eat 1 blue one & 1 orange one together & then divide the other ones up in groups of 1 blue, 1 orange, & 1 yellow.

4. i'm totally obsessed with buying new coffee cups. i have to fight the addiction :) i mean, really... how many coffee cups does one need?

5. i eat really fast. my mom says i always have. again... something i don't notice i do, but i'm trying to become more aware of.

6. i have issues with spacing. especailly things on counters & shelves. i find myself while cleaning spacing & respacing things evenly or to my creative liking ... but things like the coffee pot, coffee canister, books, the soap dispensers. it makes me laugh when i realize i'm doing it.

7. i hate cucumbers. i think they stink. seriously... the smell makes me nauseous.

ok so i'm tagging Bri, lauren, naturegirl,

lynne, kim, & pastor Mike

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Kim Tapp said...

shoot, i think kristin skipper tagged me with this same one weeks ago and i've never done it! i will try to, but i make no promises because life is crazy right now :).