Monday, October 13, 2008

this is for all the ladies

i don't really like make-up. never have. growing up as a competitive dancer we had to cake on the stage make-up & i hated it! i always thought i looked like such a clown. in high school & through most of college i simply refused to wear it on a daily basis. i think one of my reasons for really not liking make-up was due to my sensitive skin. i have to really be careful what i put on my skin or else it goes crazy!! well in the last few years i started realizing i just need a little bit of make-up most days. it makes me look alive : )

i've found an amazing solution to my make-up delimmas. after lots of searching i was able to find some foundation & powder that i love! i actually like wearing make-up now : )

all & nothing sheer finishing powder

i love this stuff & it lasts forever!!

oh & don't forget to stop by your local MAC counter for this awesome brush

happy monday!


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