Tuesday, November 11, 2008

is it too early for christmas music??

so this weekend i found myself listening to 
christmas music & totally got excited!  

but 2 weeks ago i heard christmas music 
 & said to myself... 
"seriously???  christmas music already???"

for some reason this past sunday, i embraced the
"i can't wait for christmas" weekend 
on the local radio station & LOVED every minute of it.

now i'm on a christmas music kick
(even though i'm not really listening yet...
i don't want to burn out TOO soon)
i can't wait for the holiday 
season this year.

here's some christmas music recommendations
for your tuesday.

a new album from jack johnson's music label

& one of my holiday favorites.. harry!!
this is his new holiday album.
you can buy it here (amazon) or here (itunes)
& a christmas classic
you can buy it here (amazon)


Lynne said...

It is never too early for Harry - I love him!

Anonymous said...

I really dig Jack Johnson and Mr. Connick. Keep your selection of styles and you should be able to celebrate Christmas until groundhog day!

I have some interesting Christmas music on my blg.

Thanks a trillion,

Geisslein said...

Oh I love Harry too - he is such a good looking man! wow... ;o)
autumnally greetings from cold germany, geisslein