Tuesday, December 23, 2008

angels among us

after the stone was rolled away from Jesus' tomb, the angel of the Lord appeared.

can you imagine?? an angel glowing in all his radiant splendor?? right there, face to face with "the marys"?? they were able to see this angel right here on earth.

fast foward to today... 2 days before christmas day. Jesus' birthday. it is also the birthday of a young girl, chelsea banton, who by God's grace, will be able to celebrate her 15th birthday this year.

i read this article from a local hospital today & watched this video below about a young girl who was supposed to die. after being born premature, chelsea has endured chronic health promblems her entire life. september found her with a bought of pnemonia that almost ended her life. the doctors did all they could do to save her, but there was no more.
then something amazing happened.

a heart wrenching decision was made to take chelsea off life support & an hour later something caught the hospital staff's eye. there was "a man" standing in the hallway outside chelsea's room. everytime the nurse would press the button to allow him to pass through the doors, the man disappeared. this happened several times over & the staff finally took a picture with their security camera & there was what highly resembels an angel.
a figure of a man, glowing in white, standing outside of chelsea's room.
chelsea's mother was quoted saying "I've never seen anything so bright, so beautiful,"

what happened next is beyond this world.
over the next hours, chelsea's stats improved & reached levels than they'd never been before. her doctors & nurses were amazed!!! she was getting well.
afterwards chelsea's mother stated, "I don't think I would have brought Chelsea home from the hospital if the angel had not appeared."
now three months after chelsea arrived at the hospital, she gets to go home. home for christmas, home for her birthday, & has touched so many lives around her.

folks, i truly believe... there are angels among us.
merry christmas!!

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