Thursday, December 11, 2008

happy 1st blogiversary to me!!!

yup.  that's right folks.
i've been hanging around this blogosphere for 1 whole year!
i can't believe it!

i've loved every 365 days of this blog.  it all started last year after my good friend B mentioned she had a blog (by the way she has an amazing blog & an amazing business, mod memento on etsy. check her out!!)  after checking out her blog, i knew i wanted one.  not really knowing what i was going to blog about or where to start, i jumped in with both feet.  before i knew it, i couldn't get enough of blogging!!  

once i started really delving into the art of blogging, i discovered this incredibly large blogging community that exists.  i've been amazed & inspired by the talented women of the world (no offense men... i've just seen very few male bloggers :)  not only in your writing, but the handmade goods and creativity that i've come across has made me long to increase my knowledge of how to create anything and everything i can!  that might a tad bit ambitious, but why shouldn't we be??  i'm also amazed at how bloggers i've seen completely reach out in supporting each other, offering their creations, services, writing, etc. to uplift other bloggers.  nienie is probably the best example i could ever think of to show the love of this amazing community of friends.

 i've met some new "blog" friends, reconnected with old friends,  & heard such encouraging words from my readers.  thank you all for stopping by.  even though these pages just contain the simple, little thoughts & ideas that swim daily in my head, i'm glad that i've been able to share them with you.

so that's part 1 of the exciting news, now here's part 2...

check back later today 
for my first giveaway
to say thank you to all 
of my readers!!!


Lynne said...

Happy blogiversary to you! Congratulations, I enjoy reading it, and look forward to seeing what the giveaway is!

Nicole Faby said...

Congrats April! I have really enjoyed reading your blog the past two months or so, your jewlery is great too keep up the great work! Nicole :)

NatureGirl said...

I thoroughly enjoy your lovely little blog...Happy blogiversary! Keep it up. I have been anxiously awaiting the news you have been mentioning the last few days...ugh! Now I can finally relax. :)