Thursday, January 29, 2009

brothers & sisters

the one tv show that i could not miss when i didn't have cable (sorry i cheated... i watched this one online :) was brothers & sisters. this is the only tv show that i can't stop watching & HAVE to keep up with each week. i love it! all the chaos of this large, loving, close-knit, crazy family, is just too much. my hear longs for a really big family and all that comes with it. the craziness, the love, the ups & the downs. i would love for my kids (Lord willing) to grow up to be great friends... family to have by your side through all the ups & downs that come in this life.

the walker family of brothers & sisters have DEFINITELY seen the good & the bad of life. one of my favorite aspects of the show is the possible realty the show portrays. it's not all the good stuff of life. the characters in this family experience real life. real stuff that could happen in life & they deal with it... whether they necessarily deal with it in the best way at times is questionable, but point blank- they deal with it. all the family's cards are out on the table, but when the day comes to an end, they forgive each other, they love each other, in all of their differences they do their best to understand one another or at best agree to disagree. they are repulicans & democrats, straight & gay, married & divorced, widowed, cheated on, have been the cheater, and so much more. but they have valued their family through thick & thin, they have loved one another, laughed together, and have lived life as a family.

okay... i know it's just a tv show, but i love it.
tune in sundays @ 10 on ABC or be like me & DVR it & watch it later
because let's get real folks... that's wayyy past my bedtime

happy thursday!

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