Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this one or that one

i love it.  
i also love playing music... well, used to.

i used to play this one AND that one.
this one i played not so well & only for a short time.
that one i played for 6 years really well.

now i wonder if i can play either, but really would like to start playing again.
trouble is, i don't know if i should start back with
this one or that one??

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NatureGirl said...

Somehow I missed this post! Both! Play them both! In this house, we talk about music, play music, listen to other people play music, and listen to other people talking about other people playing music! Between the six of us, we play trumpet, french horn, flute, piano, guitar & harmonica, and will be adding something undecided in a couple of months. At times it is deafening for Mama and Papa, but most times we just jump in. Whichever, (both) you choose to start with...Just play!