Wednesday, January 21, 2009

totally jealous...

so while i've been dealing with the freeze/flood of 09 here at home my mom, sister & her girls, & all the dogs have been literally snowed in on beech mountain all week. they've been sledding, sleeping, playing, hot tubing, & so on. i keep getting emails that the snow just won't stop coming down!!
i'm totally jealous


dad, e, & i are headed up the mountain tomorrow for a little ski lodge time!!
here are a few pictures mom & the sister sent me this week. the snow is just soooo pretty!!

lil fat snow bird
niece#2 after she splish-splashed in the
dog bowl & got her jeans & 1 shoe soaked!
lucy girl in the snow!
gorgeous snowy view!
my snowed in car :(

it's nap time... do you know where the adults are??

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Anonymous said...

This picture might keep me from getting a job! Mom