Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"wait for the Lord;
be strong, & let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!"

i came across this verse last night while reading psalm 27. i had just gotten in the bed & for some reason i had psalms on the brain. i decided to play a little bible roulette... meaning i just flipped open my bible to psalms & stopped to read wherever the pages fell... not a way i would recommend reading the bible on a regular basis... but i had psalms on the brain last night & had no idea where i wanted to start.

as i read this psalm nothing was really catching my attention whole heartedly and honestly i was just trying to keep my eyes opened until i got to the last verse that just happened to be the only verse that extended over to the top of the next page... and there it was.

i read it over & over.

"wait for the Lord;
be strong & let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord"

to be quite honest with you, recently the fact that i'm single and not dating and not really meeting anyone that i could see myself dating has felt like this constant nagging in my ear. quick to tell me "you're getting older" or "there's something wrong with you" or "maybe you just missed your chance", or even worse, "it's just not in the cards for you." i have had quite a few"valleys" of thoughts like this through all of my single days... & with not ever having really been in a relationship, i've had a lot of "single days"... usually theses times pass pretty quickly, but this last week, this nagging just keeps lingering.
i want to get mad, then sad, then angry, then wallow in my single misery, but honestly where is that going to get me??? right. you guessed it... no where.
then comes this verse last night that i kept just replaying over & over in my head

"wait for the Lord"

how quickly do i try to find someone or put myself in the right place at the right time to meet a the man of my dreams? the Lord isn't asking me to "go look for the right man"... i've been told to wait. wait for the Lord. that's it. as i continue to fall into this train of thought, which i know there will be times ahead, i've decided to just remind myself that i need to ask God to help me be strong in my waiting and take heart and simply wait on Him to move. the Lord knows my desires to be a wife and a mother, He put them there. why am i so quick to second guess that He won't complete the longings He has placed in my heart? i just need to wait & trust that He is in control.

maybe we could all benefit from seeking the Lord and truly waiting on Him to complete all things in His timing, not our own.

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Unknown said...

so well said! I love reading about what the Lord is teaching you. xoxo