Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm guilty...

of loving the bachelor. i mean i can't get enough! haha. i really have enjoyed this season because these woman aren't "catty." they've done their best to truly make the best out of this extremely awkard situation that is the bachelor. more over... how cute is jason?? : )
so are you loving the bachelor?? if so, who are you placing your bets on? it's a tough one this time around. these 3 girls all seem really amazing, but before last night my vote was for molly, hands down, but after watching last night i'm completely torn between molly & jillian... who's it going to be? eeeekkk!

oh & by the way... what kinda crap does abc have up there sleeve with allowing deanna to come back next week & toy with his emotions like that?? it's a load of bull if you ask me.

tune in next week to see what happens when
he takes all 3 to new zealand for their last rendezvous.

ummm. excuse me... can i go too?




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ecrunner said...

You know that DeAnna has to come back. Its happened in previous seasons and it throws a curve ball on what people would think is a predictable outcome. I am not looking much into it. But man, last night was pretty funny. I wish someone had been at the dove funeral to get pictures of his face, because it was priceless.