Tuesday, March 10, 2009


this was me 26 years ago. almost 3 months early & weighing in at 2lbs 14oz, i am now amazed & blessed beyond my imagination to be alive, healthy, & lucky to live my life!! daily i strive to remind myself how blessed i am by the Lord who loves me. He chose me to love & i am so thankful. thankful for this life i've been given, the life i love. i'm thankful for my amazing family, my amazing friends, and the opportunities i have had so far in my lifetime.
i'm excited to see what lies unseen in my path ahead...
excited for all the Lord has in store for me!!!
today i celebrate 26 years of life!!
live.the.life.you.love TODAY :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my good...Beautiful baby!
Happy Birthday to your 26th

NatureGirl said...

Happy Happy birthday, girl! You deserve it. Today is the day for livin' the life. I know, I had mine 3 days ago! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's my little peanut! Love you bunches. Mom

CAC muffin said...