Wednesday, March 18, 2009

drop-n-dash basket

i was able to be a part of one of the most generous "drop-n-dash basket" givings last night. i wasn't able to make the actual "drop & dash" because i went to see my sweet friend emily lynch play a concert close by , but i was able to be a part of the preparation. the following is taken directly from my friend B's blog, but i just don't think i could put my experience last night into better words.
**i hope you don't mind B :)**

"Last night I had the privilege of taking part in one of the most amazing displays of generosity I have ever witnessed. I have never been more proud or in love with the incredible women in my small group bible study.

One week ago, we decided to do what I have dubbed a "Drop-n-Dash Basket" for a family who was in need of some blessings and encouragement. This means that you fill a basket full of goodies, leave it on the doorstep of someone in need, ring the doorbell, then dash away so the whole thing is completely anonymous!

The Lord really laid it on our hearts to do this and even led us to the perfect recipients. I won't go into too many details about this family but let's just say they (like many American families these days) are struggling with a loss of job, loss of pride, loss of financial stability, loss of hope, and on top of that...the wife is pregnant with their second child and was recently put on bedrest at only 29 weeks along after going into early labor. So now they are struggling with the fear of a delivering severely premature baby.

We were all so excited about the thought of helping this family in some small way by delivering what we originally envisioned to be a small basket of goodies to cheer them up.

Well over the course of the past week, all seven of my beautiful small group ladies felt called to do more than just a few small goodies. We met up last night to put the basket together and ended up with not only a giant tub FULL of gifts, but in addition, there were two laundry baskets full of groceries, plus four additional grocery bags overflowing with food to stock their pantry.

We were all in awe of God's AMAZING love and grace and that he gave each of us the time, energy, and finances it took to pull this off. I was so moved words can't express!"

Here is just a small sampling of the items that were included....
Children's books, devotionals...
Entertainment magazines, novels (handy when you're on bedrest!)
Baby clothes....
Sidewalk chalk for their four-year-old...
Insanely generous gift cards to various places!
Personalized Stationery (also handy for bedrest!)
Here we are in progress. We wrapped a lot of the gifts and tied ribbons around everything else.
Here is a shot of just *some* of the groceries. There was everything from pasta sauce, to snacks, to pancake mix, peanut butter, juice, laundry detergent, paper towels, and the list goes on! Homemade cookies and bread!
Here is shot of almost all of it when we were finally done putting everything together. Remember, we originally thought we would fill ONE basket.
Here are all the sneaky ladies....Ashley, Megan, April, Mary Beth, Kristen, myself, and Julie (not pictured) met up with us later for the "Dash" portion of the night.
Here is the getaway car all loaded up.
"By the time we got to their house, it was dark. We left most of the bags in front of their garage, and put the biggest tub on their front porch with a note directly them to the remaining goodies. We did all this as quiet as sleuths so as not to get the attention of their dog or neighbors! Ashley was the doorbell ringer and I went with her. We had to cover our mouths so we wouldn't giggle loud enough for them to hear us inside. Our hearts were racing when we pushed that button and then we took off like bandits in the night! Oh my gosh, it was sooooooo fun and exhilerating, I can't even describe it.

I debated on whether to even post about this because I do not want to bring glory to us in any way, shape, or form. This was ENTIRELY God's orchestration. I want to make that very clear! The timing of everything and how it all worked out was simply too unique and synchronized to be an accident.

So besides giving a shout out to the God of LOVE & MERCY, I also wanted to share this so that YOU would do this too! I can't recommend this enough.... right now - TODAY...think of someone who could use a Drop-n-Dash basket. Even if it's as small as a dozen homemade cookies for the elderly couple in your neighborhood. DO IT!! It's so contagious! I'm telling you, we could not wipe the smiles off our faces last night after the drop off.

Bless someone else and YOU yourself will be blessed ten fold.

Praising God and *smiling* ear to ear today."


Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange how the "blessors" receive more than the "blessies". What wonderful, giving women you all are! Love, Mom

SAH Mom said...

I stumbled upon your blog and hope you don't mind that I read this entry. Thank you for being willing and able to be instruments in the Lord's hands! It does my heart good to hear stories like this.

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm so glad you used the post! The more it gets passed on, the better!!!!