Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i've been tagged & given the kreativ blogger award
by the sweet CAC muffin ! thanks so much!!
with this award, i'm supposed to list 7 things i love!

1. i love creation. every bit of it.
have you ever seen the show planet earth?
i'm amazed at everything the Lord has created!!
the more i see things in detail, the more i fall in love with it.

2. coffee. i'm obssessed.

3. i love live music, finding new music,
or just listening to really good music.
i love putting on a great playlist while
i'm hanging out on a sunny day at my house.

4. i love my family & friends!! the more
i spend time with them, the more quirks i
find & the more i love them for who they are.

5. i love yoga & stretching. there's something
about stretching that just makes me feel absolutely fantastic!

6. i love finding a really good book that i can't put down.

7. right now i'm loving both my lifegroup
& my anchor group of women & getting together
each week for fellowship, teaching & discussion
& really digging deep into what the bible
teaches us about who God is, this life, & the next.

i'm going to pass this award onto

1 comment:

House of Smiths said...

YEAY! SO great! Thank you so much. I love this! I'm totally honored. Thanks for thinking of me! I love reading your blog! SO fresh and fun. And I'm totally living the single life through you, most of my days. lol.
Thanks again. You're great!