Tuesday, March 3, 2009

seriously folks. this is the best thing i've learned to implement... or do my best to implement ... daily in my life. what's the small stuff you ask?? that driver that pulls out in front of you, something a friend or family member does that really doesn't matter, but drives you up a wall, something that i can let get under my skin & absolutely drive me cuh-razy, but when i take a step back & look at the overall big picture, it really doesn't matter one iota...nada...zilch.

thanks to some great advice from my mother & sister (& you ladies think i don't listen) i've learned that i need to do my best to pick my battles, not be quick to get angry over things that really don't matter, and sometimes just plain keep my mouth shut & my opinion to myself... and can i tell you how much better that feels and how much that helps the relationships around me than sweating the small stuff. when i do sweat the small stuff it just seems to suck the joy right out of me & a lot of times everyone around me. no bueno. when i choose to overlook the small stuff and enjoy the lovely things in my day and choose to see the positive in every situation...
life is good.

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