Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!

when i really stop & ponder the earth, i'm completely amazed.
God created this amazing planet we live on & everything around us.
i'm thankfully to have been raised by very earth friendly parents.
i remember when recycling first arrived on the scene, my mother
was a recycling nazi! haha. it drove me crazy as a kid to have to dig
things out of the trash when she saw something i'd thrown away that
was recyclable, but now i am so thankful that she instilled this love
for taking care of our earth. we also spent LOTS of time outside
in the yard, camping in the mountains, & time at the beach.
i'm so thankful for my love for the outdoors & spending time in God's creation.

i'm also a water fanatic! it's pretty much all i drink besides
coffee & a little wine here & there. i used to drink bottled water,
but have since been very convicted of the amount of waste
that comes from water bottles. then there were nalgene
bottles, but mine are old & i'm not messing around with questionable
plastics. i recently purchased a kleen kanteen & i'm in love!!
it's pretty much with me at all times. check them out here
i encourage you to figure out today what you can do
to reuse, reduce, & recycle in your own life.
the possibilities are seriously endless.
enjoy the earth today,
it's the only one we have!!!

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