Monday, April 20, 2009

the perfect carryall!

i've been given the best carryall bag ever!!

my sweet mama gave me this pretty polka dot carryall made by reisenthel
for my birthday this year. i've seen a lot of women carrying them around the charlotte area, but i didn't understand the hype until i got my own. this great bag/basket actually folds down flat too!

i took it to the beach this weekend & not only did i use it to pack with, it was also my beach bag for the weekend. it held my towel, sunscreen, books, ipod speaker, & all of the other stuff i probably didn't need but took on the beach anyway.

not to mention these also work great to either hold all the *stuff* that's rolling around in your car, you can use it to shop with & it doubles as a grocery bag. i think the uses are endless!!

oh... they also look REALLY cute monogrammed or with your last name on them.

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Fidgeting Gidget said...

That is so cute! They must not be available in Canada though, I tried to click on the shop button on the website to check prices and it wouldn't come up.

Check out my blog..I gave you an award! :)