Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a fresh start

today marks a fresh start for me & to be quite honest... it feels like clean laundry : ) i didn't realize how bad i needed last week's vacation until i realized that yesterday was my last day of vacation. last night i realized that my mind has finally stopped churning, the world doesn't seem so overwhelming, and i felt like God & i chatted enough last week that i can now move forward with life, full steam ahead with a smile on my face. well maybe not full steam...

one thing that hit me last week is that life has been moving wayyy too fast. it hit me hard that i had completely over committed myself these last few months & it turn, completely overwhelmed myself. work had also become such a chore & my mind had just become flat out numb. so this week is a fresh start! a fresh start at work, a fresh start for my body & my workouts, & a fresh start with life.

today feels like clean laundry for me!
{happy tuesday}


Alyssa said...

yay to clean laundry!
its always good at the end of the break when you finally can say you are not stressed anymore and are refreshed and ready to deal with it wiht a fresh perspective!

Bird* said...

sounds delightful.. :)