Friday, May 22, 2009

oh happy day!!

the sun is FINALLY shining!!  after 5 days of rain & clouds,
the sun has decided to shine for us so we can go to the beach!!
one thing that has kept me entertained this week
is my sister's new bike!  isn't she a beauty!??!
*i'm in love* 
i once lived at the beach & REALLY wanted a beach cruiser of my own.
i can feel the wind blowing through my hair just talking about it.
even though i don't live at a beach any more, the desire for one of these sweet
machines has not diminished... at all.  i think it just got worse because now
the sister has one & i don't.  haha.  funny how that works.
i'm now is search of my own pretty little beach cruiser
i'm thinking this little ride by e l e c t r a bikes is just my style...
happy friday ya'll!!
we're headed to the BEACH!!


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