Thursday, June 18, 2009

i've been tagged by the novelista barista!
"The HonestScrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Thirdly, let all the people you've given the award to know that they've gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). And finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you."

so here we go...
10 really random or not so random things you may not know about me.

1. my name is april

2. i hate pumping gas & i'm notorious for letting my gas light stay on for a few days if i'm not driving very far. i will let my car get down to the last drop of gas before stopping. why? who knows? i kind of like the thrill of seeing how long i can go with my gas light on. i'm also proud to say that i've never run out of gas. i've got it down to a science!

3. i can be very messy (although this is something i'm REALLY working on a daily basis to get rid of -- it's quite a nasty habit) sometimes i'll have super clean, organized spells & then sometimes it looks like a tornado hit my room/house.

4. i love electronics & computers. actually it's a love hate relationship. i love them, but computers/electronics/iphones that you drop & break {woops} cause me to spend too much money & too much time sitting!!

5. i majored in recreation, parks, & tourism in college, but i now work for the family business... in insurance. it's just lovely {insert just a tad bit of sarcasm} but really... i do love my job now. it's customer service so i get to help people. i just miss the outdoors. one day...

6. i'm really a homebody. i love being social, but i LOVE being at home.

7. all i've ever really wanted to do is be a wife & a mother. i've never been career minded. there's never been a job that i've wanted to do in my whole life more than be a mother. in God's time :)

8. i sing a lot & really loud in the car... & sometimes in my house. i'm sure people driving down the road point & laugh a lot. e told me last night that i was "done." i was singing in the house totally off key on purpose just for my own amusement :) she enjoyed it... NOT.

9. i've never had a boyfriend. nope, never. & that's okay... at least now it is. when i was in high school & at the beginning of college i thought life was OVER because i didn't have a boyfriend. now i am SOOOOOOOooo thankful i've been spared from a lot of heartache & headaches. i now tell myself that "man's rejection is God's protection"

10. i love life!! but hopefully you can already tell that from my blog :)

that was fun.

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Fidgeting Gidget said...

I love your quote about God's protection! It's awesome....and the guy of your dreams will show up, all in good time. I'm messy, too...big time. And I want to be a mom, too. We have a lot in common! :) Thanks for tagging me, I'll get to it soon, hopefully!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

PS: I'm going to be tagging you back later on!

Kim Tapp said...

i'm right there with you on #6 and #7!