Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this past saturday night was opening night for charlotte's new uptown amphitheatre at the brand new nc music factory that's set smack dab in the middle of the old factory & warehouse district just outside of uptown charlotte. the setting was amazing for a concert. watching the sun set behind the stage & then seeing the skyline of uptown charlotte shining in the background made for an absolutely perfect night.

jack's mannequin opened up the night with a great set & the fray followed to take home the show. i was highly impressed by the fray live. they put on quite the show. isaac slade, the lead singer, has a voice that just floored me. i don't feel that their recordings do him the justice he deserves.

the uptown amphitheatre is possibly one of the best venues to hit charlotte in years! it's on a much smaller scale than most outdoor venues, seating about 5,000 & honestly there's not really a bad seat in the whole place. even the very back of the lawn had a perfect view of the stage!!

here we are hanging out {aka: sweating our brains out} before the show

the sun setting on the fray

the ladies & chris... he's a lucky guy :)

the fray in full force. great show!!

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