Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"follow God with abandon at every age,
with an eager expectation that God can
use our lives for His purposes in the world.
risk always: never completely settle:
be different, be HIS, & live gloriously!"

i read an article about taking risk in our lives & that basically risk equates to freedom in this life & that made me stop & think for a bit. taking risks in life means jumping into the unknown, stepping outside of our comfort zone, sometimes wondering what lies ahead, but always means that i must have BIG faith to trust that God is in conrtol even when i do take those risks.

"if we embrace the mystery of God
& have trust in Him as Lord of our lives,
then there is no better place to be than
directly in the center of where He wants us.
freedom comes with taking those risks."

(unfortunately i can't remember where i read this article. i printed it off of some blog & there's nothing on my print out to reference where it came from. so i'm giving credit to whoever the quotes belong to)

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