Thursday, August 13, 2009

what i'm reading...

today i wanted to share with you a few things i've been reading.

the first little book listed below "the practice of the presence of God" was given to me by my sweet mentor in high school. i haven't read it since then, but read something recently that referenced this book & remembered i had it hiding somewhere on my bookshelf. i quickly found it hiding & remebered that i love this little book & i loved opening it up & reading the sweet letter my mentor wrote on the inside flap. such a sweet memory. anywho, this book is about exactly what it says it is. it's a compilation of letters & conversations from brother lawrence in the 17th century discussing a daily practice of the presence of God. good stuff.

this second book i've also had for some time, but have never really read. i think i picked it up a few times in college & never got into it. well a few weeks ago after a compelling sermon at church, i felt that little nudge to go home & grab this one off the bookshelf & there's no coincedence in my mind that i picked this book up now. it has been such a blessing to read over the last 20 days confirming the purpose God has me here on this earth for. can't wait for the next 20 days!
i highly recommend the 40 day read.

sooo i don't have this one yet, but i did preorder it today on amazon! i've been reading the author's blog over the last few months & can't wait for it arrive! the release date is oct 13, 2009. perfect timing for fall & some yummy slow cooker recipes!

what are you reading these days that you can't put down??

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Anonymous said...

i'm intrigued by the first book.
recently i read a memoir entitled Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel. that book killed me, it was really good! i hid myself in my room, not wanting to do anything but read it.