Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 things i'm loving today...

1. anthro - little larsen posts earrings i totally splurged & bought these
pretty little lovelies at anthropologie last week. i love the red!

2. FAME! "remember my name!" e, her sister & i grew up dancing together with our mom's (& dads) watching our every competition & recital so it was only appropriate that e & i went with our moms & her sister over the weekend to see the new movie. with So You Think You Can Dance on the scene over the last few years, it was soooo amazing & inspiring to finally see people with an appreciation of the fine arts again. music & dance make my heart sing!

3. and continuing with my love for the arts, i'm headed tonight to see a chorus line that's in town. excited for a wonderful night out on the town with the parents & e

4. chocolate... who doesn't love chocolate?!? especially when it's DOVE dark chocolate with almonds... yummm!! today i got this lovely message in my chocolate wrapper that i will leave you with...





Teach.Workout.Love said...

lovely earrings!!! :)

Sweet_Tooth said...

I am an Anthropology addict! (rather fiscally dangerous obsession might I add). I love nearly everything in that store, and those earrings are no exception! what wonderful make-you-smile type jewelry!!

I can't wait to go see Fame. I used to be dancer and have always had an affinity for the stage too :)

You're devilish for posting that choclate hehe so tempting.

Exciting news on the mystery-man front! Let me know how it goes when you get together. ...sorry for such a long comment.