Friday, September 4, 2009


last night as i was laying on my couch after eating dinner, glass of red wine in hand, new music playing through the speakers, windows & doors open with a cool september breeze blowing through the house... truly taking the time i had by myself at home to decompress from my day... i was suddenly halted by a thought... i never take the time to stop & think about the amazing gift of our 5 senses.


what an amazing gift from God! i laid there amazed that as humans we are able to find JOY in these senses. i realized i hadn't stop to think that i've been blessed to have all 5 senses that work just fine.

my sister had stopped by with my nieces before dinner & i got to enjoy the touch of 2 sweet little girls hugs around my neck... then i was able to enjoy the smell & taste of an amazing dinner with a glass of red wine... while hearing amazing music in my ears... after dinner i was able to lay on my couch & watch the trees outside my window sway in the september breeze & i also felt that lovely breeze sweep across my face.

it was an amazing evening to stop &
remember that all of my senses are alive & well.
{thank you Lord!}

i encourage you to stop & take the time to enjoy your 5 senses today!!
{happy friday}

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Sweet_Tooth said...

I feel like early fall is one of the best seasons to be aware of the five senses. There are so many seasonal joys this time of year that encompass every single one of those senses.

the crunch of new fallen leaves beneath your feet. that smokey smell in the air. The slight chill settling in. The site of the warm golden hues the earth takes on. And of course the taste of hot cider, and pumpkin spiced treats.

cheers to an insightful post :)