Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i heart fall

i LOVE the colors fall fashion brings & old navy has me excited about shopping over the upcoming weeks! these pieces are really affordable & classic!

these clothes make me want to cuddle up in a yummy, chunky sweater, while sipping on my pumpkin spiced latte while browsing the fall farmers market or maybe even while rocking in a rocking chair with brilliantly colored fall leaves covering the ground...

i'm getting a little ahead of if i could just find a wardrobe fairy
to fill my closet with all these lovely {cozy} clothes...

{happy wednesday}

1 comment:

NatureGirl said...

Ooh great stuff...I just got pants almost like those...I think I need some sweaters too!

Thank you so much for your comments. Every time I wear the jewelry you made, I think of what an amazing, beautiful girl you are and I feel blessed to be even a tiny part of your life. The Lord knows who we are and places people in our path to bless our lives. If you did not live on the opposite side of the continent, I would make you marry my little brother! ;)