Wednesday, September 23, 2009

love happens

last friday night i decided to fly solo to see "love happens" with jennifer aniston as "eloise" & aaron eckhart playing "burke".

friday had been just "one of those days." of those "single lady"days & i don't mean the beyonce "single ladies" kind of days. the day had been extremely overwhelming work wise & my mind was completely distracted all day. i couldn't get it to focus or cooperate... most of the day i kept thinking "crap... i'm getting older annnnnd i'm still single." all day i was pushing that out of my mind, but in true form to that nasty little thought that just won't go away, it kept creeping back in.... i decided after i left work that i just needed a little get away into the movie world for a little "chick flick"... if you will :)

"love happens" was just what i needed. i laughed, i cried, & ultimately realized that in God's time, regardless of my circumstances & where life might take me ... i have 100% faith that love will happen for me & i truly believe that!!

the circumstances & paths of life for both "burke" & "eloise" were not by any means ideal for a relationship or love to develop, but it did just that. from their initial encounter, their exchange was awkward, yet there was just something there that began drawing each of them in. there was still hurt & pain in both of their lives, but over the movie (& i know it's just a movie) they both began to be themselves, began to feel feelings again that they had both shut out the possibility of feeling.

it was a great reminder that regardless of where we might think we are in life & how life should be playing out before us... that life happens. it's not always pretty & it's not always fun. we laugh, but we also cry. we take the good with the bad. life happens folks and... love happens ... and it's not by accident. we have a big God that loves us & He's going to use all the circumstances in our lives, good or bad, to show us just that... His big, unfailing love.