Thursday, October 29, 2009

i saw this lovely picture yesterday from tec petaja's wedding photography
and i'm absolutely obsessed with the color of the walls & door in this photo.
one thing that bores me to tears are colorless walls so i decided to go
through my "creation inspiration" pictures to share my favorites with you!
this room reminds me of tuscany +
i love BOLD color
lovely bedrooms... with just a little color, they are so classic
a cozy little nook with some warm sunshine +
okay, okay.... the walls in the next picture don't have a real paint color, but look how beautifully colorful this fun little reading room is. i stumbled across this one while browsing my file & had to share.

meg from whatever created this magical room as their guest room, but also a fun place for their family of 7 (+ waffle the stinkin' cute dog) to gather & read together. i love the idea! must be why it's saved in my "creation inspiration"

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CC. said...

i want those rooms in my house. where can i get me that world map!!