Thursday, October 8, 2009

yesterday miss lucy had a friend to play with at work.
meet willy!!
isn't he precious?? he is a co-workers new puppy.
he was so clumsy with his big paws. he kept running into everything.
oh i could play with puppies everyday.
i was miffed that i didn't have my good camera because these
two playing would've made for a great photo shoot!
the iphone had to make do.

tonight i will most definitely be taking my camera to see these guys
oh i'm excited!! it's going to be the perfect evening here in nc to have
dinner with friends & then off to hear some good live music.


Sweet_Tooth said...

Those dogs make me miss my Beagle (back home) sooo much!

Can't wait to hear a report on the concert. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

very sweet dog