Monday, January 4, 2010

"action is the only step that will
ultimately equate to personal evolution"

{i took this picture of my ornament tree outside my townhouse while practicing a few new things i learned from}

 my brain has been going 400 miles a minute over the last few months since i put it down on "paper" that i have a desire to pursue photography for my future.  i'm pretty sure that many, many times over the last through months i've been through excitment, fear, confusion, happiness, & doubt.  unfortunately i've been getting hung up on that last one wayyyyy too much.  after i came across the quote at the top of this post on a friend's facebook page on january 1, 2010 that he posted for everyone to ponder on, i decided right then & there to start...  to take action...  to move forward.  i'm not really sure where my steps are going to take me, but i'm taking the first step in faith... even though i can't see the whole staircase, i'm going for it in 2010.

i'm excited to say that i've signed up for my first class at the light factory and it starts next tuesday!

so here it goes folks!  i'm in action.  i'm putting it out there so i'll have you guys to face when i give up, but guess what... that's not going to happen!  i CAN do this!

what do you need to act on in 2010??



Katie Dixon said...

April- There isn't a doubt in my mind that you won't follow through with this dream every step of the way and be an overwhelming success :) Congrats on taking bold steps!
Great to finally meet you (and your mom) on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for stepping out like that and taking the class. I would love to take that class, my best friend took it a couple years ago. BTW - Great pics!