Friday, January 8, 2010

oh spaghetti squash, how i love thee!

e and i decided to try something new last night for dinner.
introducing the spaghetti squash!

ohhhh... & hello there lovely little heart plate from target
yes i heart you too... lots :)
wait... i got distracted, we aren't talking about you...

back to the spaghetti squash...
ok so here's the deal.  buy one of these babies at your local grocery.
heat the oven to 375.  find the biggest, sharpest knife you own.
get out the elbow grease & cut this bad boy in half from the tippy top
to the bottom.  notice i said elbow grease... i'm not kidding.  this sucker
is TOUGH.  i finally got it in half with all my fingers still intact.

now scoop out the seeds & throw both halves, rind up, 
in a pan or pirex dish.  bake for 1 hour & voila!

you have "spaghetti" squash.  get it?

now cover with some yummy spaghetti sauce, chicken, & a little parmesan
cheese and you have a superbly yummy dinner dish WITHOUT the pasta.

there are plenty of recipes & ways you can cook it, including in the microwave,
but the microwave totally freaks me out, so i'll opt for baking or crockpotting.
this super yummy, super good for you food is a great substitute for your pasta.


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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how your taste buds have changed! Now you'll have to try the acorn or butternuts. They're also very yummy. Mom