Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{4 weeks down... 4 to go}

last night was my 4th week of my 8 week intro to DSLR photography class at the light factory and i'm happy to report i'm officially a photography nerd.  i was so engulfed in class last night with all the details and specifics of my camera, i just couldn't get enough.  from discussing light meters, lighting subjects, to sources of light... my soul was soaring!
{pics of me playing/learning in class}
i'm feeling so inspired in this chapter of my life and i'm beginning to feel changed.  i can't really explain it, but God is speaking to my soul... a dream is stirring and ideas are emerging.  my passions and genuine love for life is overflowing into every area of my life.  i am trying my best to take steps to absorb it all and to truly be intentional about everything that i'm doing.
{pics of me playing/learning in class}

i've even been blessed enough already to have been asked to shoot on two different occassions for my church.  i'm totally terrified and completely excited at the same time!

... and i'm so thankful that lucy oblidges to be my most beautiful model!
just look at that FACE!


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Stephanie said...

I would LOVE for you to shoot some shots of my kids and our family for that matter! Let me know if you need some practice. I have enjoyed keeping up with you through your blog. Miss ya! Stephanie