Monday, February 1, 2010

can i be totally honest for you for a few minutes?  good.
i have a confession... i'm a hopeless romantic... there i said it.  it's out :) 

with february 1st here and valentine's day right around the corner, i can't help but see this month as the month of love.  granted EVERY month should really be the month of love, but on this month every year we are bombarded in our culture with "love."  from the cute little dishes at target (which i soooo bought... see?  i'm such a sucker) to the lovey dovey cards, gorgeous flowers, & the best of all... chocolate... it's all out there just waiting for us to buy in!

i've always been a dreamer in the love department yet for some reason (and i do NOT believe this is by chance) i have always been single.  yep... that's right, not one boyfriend.  i have these lofty ideas on love & am completely hopeful that one day God will give me the opportunity to play them out and that He will fulfill this desire He's knit so deeply in my heart, but as valentine's day rolls around again this year ... i'm still single and i'm completely okay with that.  now don't get me wrong, i don't want to be single forever that's for sure, but i am single now and that's my reality.  my goal for this single season is to not waste this time God has given me, but to daily search through it's purpose.  whether it's taking the time to better myself or if it's just for loving others well, i'm committed to this day to day.

my pastor david chadwick always says 
"don't worry with searching for the right person, 
but work on becoming the right person" 
and i completely believe this!

this month i'm vowing that instead of focusing on the romantic love that i don't have and long for (which i can easily catch myself doing), i'm going to focus on all the love i DO have! my little furry companion lucy, my amazing family, and my fabulous friends!  i'm going to celebrate each one just a little more this month.  i'm going to relish in all the moments i have with them and take the time to really take it all in and be appreciative of the love in my life right now!



NatureGirl said...

Good for you. What an amazing difference it would make in each of our lives if we focused on the haves instead of the have-nots...

CAC muffin said...

I love this quote almost as much as you sweet girl!