Tuesday, March 23, 2010

:: emily lynch :: natural beauty ::

my sweet friend emily lynch and i got together last friday before her show in charlotte and hopped around NoDa to take some photos of her.  one of the things that i'm finding that i love about photography is being able to catch that natural moment at just the right time.  moments before this shot below emily and i were talking about boys (duh... that's what girls do) and then she was swinging her hair around and then BAM!  i was able to capture her beautiful, natural smile.  if you notice the focus is more on the wall behind her, but honestly i like that she's a tad out of focus... but really i think i keep telling myself that because it drives me NUTS that my focusing skills are not pefection.  i keep telling myself that it's ok because i'd only had my new canon 5d Mark II for two days.  still learning...

see?  natural beauty!  it was really hard for me to take a bad picture of her.  she's been such a great, encouraging friend to me and she's just as lovely as a person inside as she is out! 
and i think this one is my favorite :)
thanks sweet friend for letting me take your picture!

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E.Ruff said...

April!!! You are so talented and these pictures are so gorgeous! I follow your blog all the time and I can't tell you how impressed I am by your strength and drive to follow your dream - one you are so talented at!! You are such an inspiration! keep it up :)

Lynne said...

These photos are pretty amazing! Are you hoping to make a career out of photography - I think you definitely have the talent.

anda said...

hey april, i came over here from sarah rhoads' blog and i love your work! even more, i love your blog and how you are so honestly documenting your journey into photography. it'll be amazing to one day look back on it all :) keep it up -- can't wait to read more!

{live.a.life.of.love} said...

thank you all for your words of encouragement! they mean so much!