Sunday, March 7, 2010


i had my first engagement shoot on 3.6.2010 and we had so much fun!! my sweet cousin, kelly, and her fiance paul, were kind enough to be my guinea pigs and let me take their engagement pictures.  it was such a good time and a great learning experience... enjoy!

annnnd that's a wrap
{sorry... i had too}
thanks kel for letting me take your picture.  i love you!!



omg! you guys look so cute in the third photo and the photo where you both were holding a plate is simply gorgeous. it's very creative!

happy belated engagement day! here's to a happy happy marriage! :)

Autumn said...

Good job Miss Thang! You're so talented! I love those! Much needed camera play time - you and me should be soon. :-)

NatureGirl said...

Way to go A! The first step's a doozy but you pulled it off with a smile. LuUHve the dancing silhouettes... Beautiful!!!