Monday, May 17, 2010


 i spent last week and this past weekend refocusing my life.  taking the time to slow down and just enjoy life and everything that's been given to me.  my original plans had me in NYC this past weekend, but i postponed that trip last month and i'm glad i did.  friday evening was spent with the family at dinner and music on the lawn. e and i rode bikes down to the event and what a glorious evening it was in NC!  sweet summertime is almost here! 
a lot of cuddling went on this weekend too. 
my little pupsters does NOT like to be cuddled and she actually cuddled!
i think she knew her momma needed an extra does of lovin'
i mean seriously... how cute is that face?

last week i got some music therapy in.  i knew this was a must in my refocus time!  i took some time to myself on wednesday evening and made the 2 hour drive down to greenville, sc to see my sweet friend, emily lynch, on her debut night with a full band!  i love this girl to death and i'm so excited for where she's headed.  she's been such an encouragement to me and i've been blessed to watch her journey as a musician and she's headed in the right direction.  the night was AWESOME and seeing her music come to life with so much depth seriously made me cry.  the guys backing her were amazing and i know it meant so much to her to have them supporting her.  i'm so proud of you emily!  here's a little sneak peek of her tour with hannah miller. (who is also an amazing musician that you should check out)

there's more to my refocusing, but i'll save that for tomorrow!

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NatureGirl said...

I have been in the same refocus mood this last month...thank you for your thoughts and insight as always...