Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{john mark mcmillan in concert}

this past friday night i got the awesome opportunity to see john mark mcmillan perform a free show at the visulite here in charlotte, nc.  seriously... his album hit #13 on itunes last week during it's release AND he plays free shows.  love this guy!  he's one of the few of us that can say we're true locals... born and raised... here in charlotte.  the hospital that he was born at, as well as myself, is truly a matter of yards away from the venue.  it was amazing and inspiring, to say the least, to see the local community's love and support blantantly expressed at his show!  to see john truly love the Lord through his music and not sell short, but hold strong to who he is as an artist is refreshing and i think everyone at the concert felt that.  here are a few of my shots and i got the whole (10 minute) of "How He Loves" on video.  notice how everyone was fully engaged in this song.  oh man, i LOVE live music! :)

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Rachel Barker said...

Thanks for the twitter follow! I love this song - we sing it at church a lot!