Sunday, January 16, 2011


woah.  i haven't blogged in 10 days.  what's up with that?!?  well... i'll show you.
last week snowmaggedon hit the south and i watched it for almost 4 days from the comfort of my parents living room.  yep... purposefully snowed in there...  with really good comfort food, a warm fire place, snuggling puppies, good books, yumtastic coffee, & just quiet, quiet times... and views like these...

and for these red birds in the snowy tress...  can you see him?
 where's waldo?... i mean the red bird. 
 and then i followed him into the kitchen... or at least this was my view from my mom's kitchen window while she cooked.  just look at all those cute birdies.  they were flocking to mom's feeders.
well hello mrs. red bird.
 ...and you're cute too little guy.
 then snowmagedon turned our little world into an icy wonderland.
with blue skies & sunshine
 and on day 4 of totally keeping to ourselves inside...i ventured out. 
 and found my car to be on big fat icicle... but the light.  ohhh the light!
 magical.  just magical...
 so yeah... that's where i've been.  frozen... and i like it that way.  
but wait... i'm headed to Africa in 2 days.
goodbye frozen wonderland!!!
hello uganda and 80 degrees!

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