Monday, February 14, 2011


a little over 3 years ago a homeless woman, with no other belongings than what was in her back pack, got into a conversation with my mother while eating dinner at her church with room in the inn, and they discussed me, my mother's youngest daughter.

at the end of their conversation, the woman told my mom that she had something that she knew the Lord wanted her to pass onto me.  one piece of paper with a message and what i know is a promise to me that has meant so much as i've waited patiently over the last 3 years, and continue to wait.  i decided to share with all of you and maybe with those who may be waiting as well.

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ashleigh said...

whoa. He is speaking to me loud and clear today. thankful to Him for using you as a reminder. :o) just this morning i was thinking about this Perfect Love letter because i have it in my Bible at home. i planned to go home this evening and read it once again and share it with some friends for encouragement. then i click on your blog from your tweet and see this. thank you. may we continue to wait patiently and be satisfied in Him.