Thursday, March 10, 2011


how in the world am i 28?!?
yes... it's still young. 
yes... i'm excited.  
yes... it's 2 years away from 30. yikes!

i'm embracing year 28 of my life and like i posted yesterday i'm adventurously expectant for what the Lord has up His sleeve this year for me.  for the last few years on my birthday i've reflected on this picture of me as a preemie, almost 3 months early and weighing in at a whopping 2lbs and 14ozs, and remember that this life i've been given is a GIFT.  no if's ands, or buts about it... God has given me a gift of life.  a miracle that i am healthy and i long to give each day back to Him and live it to the full!

i've had this little devotional thing that i've kept on my bathroom counter for a few years, but haven't really paid attention to them up until the last few months and i've been taking one each day and treasuring the words. each card has a pretty picture (gotta have a picture!) and a bible verse on the front and on the back a little encouragement word about that verse. 

i like the one that showed up today.  on my birthday.  i'll take it!
::now glory be to God! by his mighty power at work
within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more
than we would ever dare to ask or hope:: ephesians 3:20

::we make plans.  we dream dreams.  we imagine wonders.  but, they're puny compared to what God plans for us.  if we trust God with our life, He'll work through us to accomplish His dreams in ways we can't even imagine.  He created us.  He knows us better than anyone else and He knows what He can do through us.  we need to make a choice.  are we going to follow our dreams or trust the dreams God dreams for us?::


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Anonymous said...

Awww! Could have been a very scary time, but God gave us his peace that passeth all understanding. My sweet little peanut! Love ya, Mom!