Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{women's.wellness.weekend :: ymca camp harrison}

hello all!  i just have to preface this blog post to say that this season of life for me has been and will continue to be crazy busy, but has been such a joy at the same time!  unfortunately the blogging has been sporadic, but i hope you've enjoyed it nonetheless.  one day i'll get back to blogging consistently.  promise.

today though i want to share with you my 1st attempt at video.  this is a small marketing piece that the charlotte ymca will be using to market their {women's.wellness.weekend}

i have a long way to go on my video skills, but thanks to the expertise over at storyrealing, they made it a great story!  enjoy and if you're in the charlotte or surrounding area, this was an AWESOME weekend and i highly suggest that you grab your mom, your sister, your closest friends... WHOEVER!! ... and sign up ASAP!


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