Thursday, April 21, 2011

{creativity :: finishing as an art}

"i think half the battle of a creator is in finishing their projects. i wonder how many of the worlds greatest creators never created anything great, because while they may have had the intelligence and even the skill, they weren’t finishers. finishing is part of the art." :: donald miller

i've had a burst of creativity over the last few weeks.  i've felt inspired and it's felt really good.  i've felt the need to create... to make something with my hands.  yet i find myself beginning and then being stuck.  the ideas swarm and swirl in my head and i get started and then get about half finished and my mind has wandered to the next thing...
all of my life i've had trouble nailing down those last details and finishing. it's a great effort for me.  i tend to make excuses and blame it on lack of time, other activities, etc, but it's almost as if my interest dwindles and i am not fully satisfied with what i'm creating...  or i like to blame it on my non-existent ADD.  does anyone else suffer this problem?  well obviously donald miller has and after reading his blog post a few weeks ago i was very happy to know that as a creative, i was not alone.

i long though in my heart of hearts to finish my art and finish well.  to follow through with my projects, and as donald miller said in the quote i first listed, "finishing is part of the art."  i want my creations to be a complete work of art... not half finished.  reminds sort of how God must feel about us as His creations.  i definitely know that He doesn't have a problem finishing his art, but I wonder if he longs for us not to remain half finished, but ultimately for us to become the finished work He's started.  finishing is part of the art.  i would have to say that this is a lifelong process, but a beautiful creative process at that.  always changing, always growing.  a beautiful ebb and flow that gradually moves progressively towards the flow.  the sweet spot of this life we've been given.

i will be finishing these projects and for that goal i am very excited.  as soon as they're finished i will post my final projects here.


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