Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i'm an emotional one.  i've been told by close friends that i am very passionate and that i feel things very deeply.  sometimes it leaves me in wonder when the emotions are glorious and grand and other times it leaves me in frustration when the painful emotions run deep in my soul, but... i've realized more and more not to fight the emotions.  emotions make us real, make us feel, and allow us to drink deep of the experience of life.  emotions are what make us human and if you really think about them they are quite fascinating.  now i am not saying we should be controlled by our emotions, but too many times i think we try and fight feeling to move past what is, when ultimately it's the feeling that will bring the healing.

jon mclaughlin puts this thought into lyrics in his song "only human"
{after all we're only human always fighting
what we're feeling hurt, instead of healing}
recently i've gained an amazing awareness of how my friends and community around me have helped to carry me through this emotionally tough season of this single life in such an amazing and joyful way.  a few sundays ago my pastor was opening the service and he was discussing phillipians 4:13 "i can do all things through Him who strengthens me" and how we so many times we hone in on that verse that we forget the next part that Paul penned... verse 14 "yet it was kind of you to share my trouble."  Paul not only made it through his struggles with the amazing power of Christ, but with a little help from his friends.  a community that i have no doubt in my mind that God ordained to encourage and lift Paul up when he was in a tough season.
a gospel choir sang at church that sunday and when they broke out the famous beatles song "with a little help from my friends," Jesus spoke so sweetly to my heart and it overflowed with joy and gratitude with the realization that He has placed some amazing friends in my life during this season who have helped carry my load.  friends who may not have realized that their encouragement and love came at a time that God used them to lift me up, to lighten my load... and the emotion was too much to contain.  the tears of overwhelming gratitude came and in that moment, it became an act of worship.  the emotion became a way to be true to what i was feeling. the pain of the season, the joy of understanding, and the thankfullness for the relentless love of my God to help me get through was a feeling i don't ever want to forget.
so until my current season ends and a new one begins, i've allowed myself to be ok with the fact somes days will be good and some days will not be so good.  that this season is tough and it will be tough, it's a struggle and it will continue to be a struggle but... it's ok to be emotional and in the end Jesus will carry me through and i'll get by just fine with a little help from my friends.
{thank you to my beautiful friends... you know who you are}

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