Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{life blueprints :: dreaming out loud}

::we grow great by dreams. all big men are dreamers. they see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true :: - woodrow wilson
this post comes out of an inspiration that's been stirring for a while from the lovely lindsey nobles's series of posts entitled "blueprints" and overflowed today with my sweet friend, kelly hornberger's post about dreaming out loud.

so here it is.  i'm a dreamer.  some say maybe out of touch with reality at times, but maybe that's just their reality.  i like my "reality" just fine.  it is limitless.  it breeds creativity and feeds my imagination and i will not let the "realities" of this day define me.  for a while i've been wanting to lay out some of these dreams i have for my life.  dreams that i've hinted around, probably talked about, and some i haven't. today i really want to just lay them out there word for word, straight from the heart, no longer ashamed of what i desire.  so here we go!!
- to truly challenge myself in physical fitness and my eating habits so hard that my body, this temple i've been given, has no choice but to be amazingly healthy. 

- live this life full of adventure and always be ready and up for whatever is next.

-to be BOLD in making God's name great and showing how freakin' awesome His love is.  yeah.  it's that awesome.  no doubt in my mind.

- to be a wife and love a husband by this definition of love.  be his eve. his ezer kenegdohis helper in this life.

- grow a family.  nourish them.  encourage them.  teach them the art of play.  smother them in love and experience all the joy and challenges of life that come with that. to teach them how to love this world with a crazy love.

- to live on a farm or maybe just in the country.  lots of land would be glorious.  river included.

- get my hands dirty and connect with the earth.  grow an amazing garden and live off the land. (i'm a total hippy at heart)

- buy an old house and totally rescue it.  bring out it's old character and charm and make it a home.

- own chickens.

- dream a dream so big and full of love (don't know what this is exactly yet, but i feel it blooming) that it will fail without divine intervention.

- travel (most definitely back to africa) and see the world and take my family with me. 

- adopt a child or multiple childrens (yes childrens) and love them as my own. i long for my family to be colorful.

- grow my photo and video talents and use them to glorify God in mighty ways, tell wonderful stories and allow those stories to inspire others to do great things.

- to truly live a simple life.  less is more.

- and my one dream/goal that i hope i live out until the day i die... 
to live a life of love every single chance i get.  so much love that it makes no sense to the world.  you know that Jesus kind of love?  yeah that.  live. it. out.

will this all happen?  who knows?  i sure do hope so!  a girl can dream right?!? what are you dreaming of?  i triple dog dare you to dream out loud today.  write it down, even the silly ones you're scared to admit to.  tell someone if you must and get to living!



shellyeve said...

love it. your dreams are beautiful!

cmnations said...


I liked seeing how similar our dreams are : ) I'm thankful for your precious heart!

Ashleigh said...

love this post! you are so beautiful friend! live it out!!