Wednesday, June 1, 2011


how oh how have i failed to blog about this?  i'm seriously failing on the blog front, but i digress... i just can't do it all and that's ok.  it's really ok.  moving forward...
meet elizabeth marx.  isn't she just lovely? who is she exactly, you ask? 
well, let's rewind about a year (crazy talk that it's been that long)...
there's no doubt in my mind that the Big Guy Upstairs, you know... the One who created the universe yet loves my little soul in such an unfathomable way.  yeah.  that One ;) ... well i know that He orchestrated quite a few events for my path to cross with elizabeth's and i am sooo glad He did.   through a "chance" meeting and later over lunch, elizabeth offered me an opportunity i just couldn't refuse.  elizabeth is the creator and mastermind behind her fine art photography business, almond leaf studios, that she has grown over the last 2 years.  she asked little old me if i'd come along side her as her official 2nd shooter for the next year of weddings.  ummmm... YES PLEASE!!
we have now shot 6 weddings together, become great friends, and i absolute love her!!  she has such a beautiful heart, a passion to see justice in this world, and a heart for God and His creation that i connect with on many levels.  plus we have F-U-N folks.  lots of it!  for 2 single gals shooting weddings, we have to keep our wits about us in some way.

i've been blessed in so many ways by elizabeth.  she has been a confidant, an encourager for my heart, a teacher of this craft i'm learning, and most importantly, a really great friend.  we're off to SC this weekend for our 4th wedding of this year and i'm excited for our little road trip!  here are a few of my favorite images that i've taken this year so far.
make sure you show elizabeth some loving because she's one rad chic!

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