Monday, June 13, 2011

{it's ok to not be ok, BUT...}

at the risk of sounding like a broken record, 
i'm still blogging today because this is what has been my life as of lately...

i'd be lying if i told you that the day to day being 28 and single, longing to be loved on this side of heaven, longing to find my partner for this daring adventure of life or just clarity for the future, but feeling like my life is semi "on hold" isn't the hardest thing i've been through in my life.  i have to take this season of life one. day. at. a. time.


in the last 24 hours, i've been reminded of God's sweet care through words from friends, and the many things i've read today reminding me of His sweet promises from the bible.

bianca juarez blogged this today and it was exactly what my little heart needed to hear.

:: when life is tough and you feel like you can’t go on, it’s okay to not be okay.
when money is tight and you are stressed about the bills, it’s okay to not be okay.
when your heart is broken and you’re devastated and alone, it’s okay to not be okay.
when life doesn’t make sense and you feel lost in a maze, it’s okay to not be okay.
when dreams are shattered by reality, it’s okay to not be okay.
when death takes someone you love, it’s okay to not be okay ::

"Sometimes as Christians we lose perspective of the One who fights for us. Like, since we’re Christians we shouldn’t lose our marbles, yell alone in our car, or cry because life is too much. We should be perfect and pretty and polished. We should quote scripture and hold onto to promises and never, ever be angry.

However, when I look at scripture I see ordinary people, serving an extraordinary God, still have meltdowns. David was a emotional basket-case; yet he was king. Job cursed his birth; yet lived a long life. Naomi admitted she was bitter and forgotten; yet her promise was met.

These characters had space to not be okay. And it was okay.

Job, Naomi, and David all professed God as the provider of their needs. They trusted him. They loved him. But in their lives we see moments of stress, depression, turmoil. Confusion, aloneness, despair. Fear, doubt, poverty.

In moments of confusion, desperation, or bitterness, don’t hide alone in a closet. Or worse, don’t isolate someone because they’re not okay. We all need space to process our emotions without the feeling of needing to be fake or fine or in control. God’s in control. We run around like fools acting like the world is ending until He stops us, reminds us, and assures us… everything is going to be okay."

clinging to this truth as well today and 
remembering the promises of God that are so great


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