Wednesday, June 15, 2011


it's official.  i'm madly in love with pinterest.
i just wish that i was the one who thought of it first!
if you don't know what pinterest is, it's a WONDERFUL system of cataloguing all things beautiful, bright, & lovely... and much, much more.  for years i've been forwarding myself links to images, things i want to make, beautifully decorated homes, anything i find inspiring, and saving them in a folder in my email for "future reference."  i LOVE having them all there, but it is painful going through them all and then one day a few weeks ago i got pulled into the the pool... enter pinterest...

...and there it all is.  that's just a little preview of the things i've "pinned."  

just LOOK at all of that beautiful wonderfullness that i love all right there catalogued for me with the links from where they originated from.  oh lawdy i'm in heaven!  and don't even get me started on being inspired by everyone else's pinterest boards.

it's very obvious to me that i am a visual learner and experiencer.  yeah i made that word up, but whatevs.  i thrive and am totally inspired by beautiful things, beautiful design, and pinterest just lights up my day and puts a spring in my step.

need an invite?  
just let me know and i'll be MORE than happy to pull you into the pinterest pool too!

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