Monday, August 15, 2011

{DIY :: friendship.bracelets}

i think i may have been bitten by the "crafty bug" these past few weeks.  but i really dislike the word craft, sounds too much like crap.  sorry, it does.  let's go with the "DIY inspirational bug".  yes that's a mouth full, but much better. 

so today let's talk friendship bracelets... or as i like to say in my head "frannnship bracelets."  yes, those awesome bracelets you used to make as a kid are full fledge back in style.  HOLLA.  that's all i have to say about that.  when i saw the above images on Pinterest from the "" blog ... side note :: i think that blog name is absolutely redonkulous.  i just like going there to giggle at it's name... among all the other beautiful DIY posts.  ok.  tangent over... i knew what i would be doing over the weekend.  insert the crap craft store and a little embroidery floss <--- again... hilarious in my book ... and i was ON it!
so to work i went....  i had exciting friday AND sunday nights 
with my glass of vino, streaming episodes of mad men on netflix
and some friendship bracelets.
  i am QUITE happy how they turned out.  now to make some more for my actual friends.  selfish me has kept these "friendship" bracelets all to myself. 
 on a side note... here's a little glimpse into my sunday afternoon...
all while wearing these bad boys from target. i'm SOOOO ready for fall!!
sooooo... you still want to be my "frannn"??

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Corrie said...

Love it!! I miss making friendship bracelets!!! Miss you too friend! Hope all is well and hope to see you soon!!!