Monday, December 12, 2011


the beautiful bloggers that never fail to inspire me on a weekly basis, two years ago began something during this Christmas season that i absolutely LOVE.  they wanted to do Christmas different.  they wanted to step out in faith into something that without God, would fail. they wanted to do Christmas different.  check out this video with just a few facts and a challenge to think different about Christmas as we know it...
and so in 2009 these bold ladies stepped out in faith and started
{project 320}
they took their passions and creative talents and combined them with others'... and through this crazy blogging world raised enough money to build not one... not two... but THREE wells in communities in need of clean water over the last two years.  
 now if that's not a wonderful Christmas than i don't know what is!

so keep an eye out the next week (or if you'd like to join in the fun) at
to see what wonderful goodies are there to bid on!

check back this week for 
the giveaway i'm hosting!!

all donations go to and provide a lot of love and 
CLEAN water to beautiful people around the world!


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