Friday, March 2, 2012

{inked :: walk in love :: eph 5:2}

(base image via pinterest :: graphic created by me via picnik (RIP picnik))

 this is my life verse.  what i strive daily to live my life by, to walk out my faith in jesus.  the reason i write this blog {}.  daily it's a struggle. daily it's a blessing.  daily He makes me able.  daily God so lavishly spreads His grace over my life and allows me to live as His child.  His beloved.  i want love to be in every aspect of my life.  not love as our society necessarily sees it in , but love by the Author of Love's definition. 

He made the ultimate sacrifice out of love for me and for you. this is what defines my life. why i was created.  to honor Him in all things... especially my love.  this is also a fabulous definition of what it means as a christian to walk out that love 

a new friend of mine recently sent me these sermons (click here) from pastor greg boyd to listen to on 1 corinthians 13.  there are 9 sermons in the whole series and i've already passed them on to multiple people, but it's the best way i've heard this christian life of love, that i choose to live, explained.  this is what the church should look like, even though we WILL fail.  we are still human in dire need of God's grace, we suffer from the fall of man, from our sinful human nature, but through Christ, we can strive daily to live in this manner... this type of passionate love to our world in need. 

so of course when i decided {finally} on what i wanted my first tattoo to be, much to my sweet mama's dismay, this was it.  i wanted a reminder for the rest of my life that this is what i want my life to be.  something to remind me, no matter where life takes me, this is the reason i live... to walk in love.

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