Monday, April 9, 2012

{mission of hope :: haiti}

it was amazing.
the vision of mission of hope is contagious.
i can not wait to go back.
for now... here are some of my favorite photos from last week that i hope give you a glimpse into mission of hope and the beautiful work happening there...

high school boys studying for the government exam at the mission school.  i was so impressed by them.  the week we were there was spring break and they were there studying so hard to pass the exams.
4wd in haiti = a must
  visiting leveque.  MOH has built 500 homes here for those in need.  some lost homes in the earthquake and a portion of the homes, the ones pictured here, are a part of a deaf community.  at least one member in each household has lost their sense of hearing. 
church of hope located at MOH :: what a beautiful time of worship we had here. 
3 cords :: what beautiful women & beautiful products they make!!
prosthetics of hope :: a part of the medical clinic at MOH
the new awesome warehouse at MOH that will house the supplies for the food program and medical supplies for MOH
jerry :: what a character this kid was.  loved him.  he loved my glasses AND my camera
and don't even get me started on Village of Hope, the orphanage at MOH.  
just look at that face!!
we also got to visit the village of source matelas "said like sus matla" located just outside of MOH :: a lot of homes in haiti still look like this after the earthquake.  one room may be livable and they live there, but most have only temporary housing surrounding their once homes as they don't have enough money to make the needed repairs...
village boys being silly for the camera :)
me and my fabulous team.  i was ever so grateful for them.  what fabulous people!!
didn't want to leave haiti.
can't WAIT to go back.

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